Our Team

Nanue’s Farm produces leafy greens using vertical hydroponic growing.


Lydie Cox was her given name. Because Cousin Skeet couldn’t say Nanny the rest is history. (NAH-noo), Nanue was a single mother of four whose husband, Abby, passed away when my mother was seven. A hard-working woman with grit, she still found necessary time and escape in the ¼ acre garden she maintained year round in “Little” Washington NC.

I remember helping her on Sunday visits and weeks of summer break. Walking behind her, she educated me how each plant needed different attention, how to pull suckers on the “maters”, why to cut slugs floating in the tins, and not to tell Uncle Kenny we used his good beer! That small garden seemed as big as a baseball field and the rows seemed endless when the sunset hit just right.

Life was easier then. I think Nanue would be overwhelmed but proud at us growing lettuce “upright and inside the air condition.” I didn’t know it then, but I bet, I was a bit overwhelmed following her up and down those rows.

So… when it came time to name our new hydroponic farm, I had many creative choices, but it could only be one name, the name that inspired my love of watching things grow.

The Family Team

Trevor Spear

Born and raised in eastern North Carolina creates an understanding of nature and how it works within a community. A boat was sometimes a necessity, not a joy ride, and hard chores were required if you wanted to play on Saturdays. My parents love and upbringing instilled an entrepreneurial spirit that has been a blessing and curse all my life.

After 35 years in every aspect of construction, I decided to hang up my hard hat and find a new career. I read an article about Kendall Musk’s hydroponic farm and scheduled a tour at Freight Farms. While construction can be stressful, the joy I remember, is watching something grow from nothing and the smells each stage of the job would bring.

I have discovered those joys again in this second life, growing lettuce, root vegetables and herbs. I could never be a traditional farmer, with so many unknowns. I am young at heart and enjoy new toys and tech, so growing hydroponics inside a shipping container was a perfect fit.

Brayton Spear

Meet Brayton, my son and Nanue’s grandson. He never knew her, then again, maybe he did. Since he was little, Brayton has been described by many as an “old soul” with different gifts. The skills he brings daily to Nanue’s Farm are: a joy and passion for agriculture, excitement to be involved in a start-up that involves innovation and technology, intellect and skills that allow him to manage the day to day operations at the farm.

His primary responsibilities include scheduling seeding and harvests, monitoring water levels and irrigation, confirming pH and nutrients and joining me in deliveries and acceptance of compliments about the quality, presentation and taste of our greens. When not working on the farm, Brayton enjoys tinkering with his two vintage trucks, hanging with his two blue tick hounds and finding escape in one well played guitar.

I am blessed with 3 children, Brayton, Quinn and Lydie. We look forward to growing the farm with your help and support. Our mission is to build on their great grandmother Nanue’s legacy to produce better food – and a better world.

Nanue’s Farm, Inc

Nanue’s Farm uses innovative agricultural technology to create a safe, environmentally friendly and delicious world. We use indoor hydroponic farming to grow, deliver and support local because we not only want you eating well out but we want you eating well at home. Our packaging is bio friendly with delivery handled personally by us.

Be Local

Shopping and dining locally is more than just NC pride. It is making the right choice to support our community and our local economy. It means not spending money or the earth’s resources on overly packaged, overly traveled goods.


Nanue’s Farm grows urban. Whereas a traditional farm creates sprawl, our container uses an 8×40 foot plot encompassing 320 sq ft of growing area. While trends focused on eating locally sourced goods spread and strengthen, Nanue’s Farm’s vertical hydroponic container growing system solves the issue of farming for urban/local demand. Each year , our 320 square foot”print”, can grow as much as 1.5 acres of traditional farming.