Urban Farming Finds a Niche

It was a pleasure to have Dan Barkin from Business NC tour Nanue’s Farm during the Freight Farms’ event we hosted in August.  Read more of what he had to say about Nanue’s Farm and the growing hydroponic farming movement that’s exploding across the U.S. READ THE ARTICLE

Starting a Career You Love with Trevor & Brayton Spear

freight farms interview

Trevor and Brayton Spear own and operate Nanue’s Farm in Raleigh, NC. Trevor recently took a step back from his contracting business to do something he really loves: farm. Brayton, a recent high school graduate, knew college wasn’t the route he wanted to take. Instead, he wanted to work with his hands and grow something […]

Hydroponic Farming And The Effects On Climate Change

Thanks to Maddee Burt, a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill studying documentary filmmaking. She is currently enrolled in an environmental storytelling class which is partnered with the University of Nvarra in Spain to complete a project about hydroponic farming and the effects on climate change. Watch her documentary on Facebook. WATCH THE FACEBOOK VIDEO

Raleigh shipping container farm uses hydroponic technology

Spectrum News Nanue Farm

Summer is one of the busiest and most profitable times for farmers across the state, but what if they could grow produce year round Nanue’s Farm in Raleigh is using some advanced technology to do just that. Special thanks to Kyleigh Panetta from Spectrum News for covering us!  READ THE ARTICLE