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Nanue’s Farm

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Hydroponic Leafy Greens, 24/7/365

Located 2 miles from downtown Raleigh, Nanue’s Farm grows safe, fresh, clean leafy greens using environmentally responsible methods you can trust.  Our goal is to reduce Raleigh’s dependence on shipped produce by providing food healthier for our planet and you.  

Nanue’s greens are grown in a unique hydroponic system inside a container. We are free of pesticides, much like organic farmers, but better.  Because of the clean sterile environment, we are able to create vibrant leafy greens with no outside environment concerns. All in 320 square feet or 2800 cubic feet, using less than 10 gallons of water a day.

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Our Farm

Nanue’s Farm produces leafy greens using vertical hydroponic growing.

Our Greens

At Nanue’s Farm, we grow leafy greens: primarily a variety of lettuces, herbs, root vegetables and edible flowers per season.

Our Team

Nanue’s Farm is a family owned business operating out of Raleigh, North Carolina.